“It is my distinct pleasure to thank the men and women of Top Aces for their outstanding support to Exercise Réflexe Rapide and Exercise Maple Guardian held in Wainwright, Alberta. […] In the words of my air staff, Major André Lessard, who was responsible to coordinate your participation: the exposure received by the Forward Air Controllers and the Tactical Air Control Party hugely increased their confidence and ability to employ air assets. In of itself, this achievement can make the difference in our ability to influence the battle space and effectively eliminate a threat to our soldiers in theatre, which translates into saving lives.”
-    Lieutenant-Colonel Lavalée, CF Air Component Commander Forward

“The Top Aces commitment to the success of Ex DESERT RAM was clearly demonstrated through the obvious effort and time dedicated to supporting the exercise. I have no doubt the training audience benefited greatly from the aircrew’s professionalism and dedication to task.”
-    K.A. Corbould, Colonel, Commander

“At the request of the Canadian Air Defence Sector, and in preparation of the imminent G8 and G20 conferences that Canada hosted, Top Aces Westwind flew a number of flights to help evaluate radar coverage in our operational area. Although an unusual request in that it required low-level flights over 1000 feet AGL, the Top Aces crew willingly flew all profiles requested. It is understood that the crew flew over 6000 NMs at low level over two days. That is an impressive amount of flying and we thank you for your support to gain an accurate assessment of our low-level coverage.”
-    J.R.F. Malo, Colonel, CADS Commander

“I am writing to thank you very much for the support Top Aces gave to Exercise MEDMAN 4-09 from 26 – 30 September 2009. The Commander of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Welsh Battlegroup has told me that his troops very much appreciated the extra realism that live air brought to their training. […] The professionalism and flexibility of you and your staff made a valuable contribution to what was a very successful exercise.”
-    Squadron Leader Neil R.A. Dixon RAF

“Your flexibility in accommodating our training needs displays what a top notch organization Top Aces is. Your training is far superior to the simulated training we normally get.”
-    T.J. Harnish, Lieutenant (Navy), Ship borne Air Control Officer


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