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    Discovery Air Defence is committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent in aviation industry. By joining DA Defence you will have the opportunity to participate in a unique and dynamic environment focused on growth, entrepreneurship, innovation and teamwork.

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    We are committed to providing our customers with specialty aviation solutions whenever and wherever they are required. Our pilots, maintainers, logisticians and administrators operate with precision and pride in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

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    Discovery Air Defence is the prime supplier of Airborne Training services to the Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force. 

Engineering and Maintenance

Discovery Air Defence operates and maintains a fleet of 20 uniquely equipped aircraft with competitive capabilities, and our maintenance specialists focus on equipment reliability, maintainability, resource optimization and designing effective maintenance plans.



DA Defence has significant experience maintaining civil and military aircraft.  We currently perform all the maintenance for our fleets, including aircraft depot-level inspections.

DA Defence generates over 4600 flying hours per year with a maintenance reliability level of over 98 percent while maintaining competitive operating costs. DA Defence operates both nationally and internationally as required to support the Canadian Armed Forces; Army, Navy and Air Force. In Canada we maintain operations in Victoria, Cold Lake, Bagotville and Halifax.

DA Defence is an approved Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Organization. Every facet of aircraft maintenance at Top Aces is defined in a document called Maintenance Control Manual and Maintenance Policy Manual. These documents, which are both approved by Transport Canada, defines all the roles and responsibility of maintenance personnel and includes the process to be followed by technicians and managers.

The maintenance performance achieved by DA Defence is in part possible to an array of dynamic and exceptional suppliers. If you are interested in providing services to DA Defence in the area of component maintenance, please contact


DA Defence has developed a full fledged Operation Research and Statistical based Integrated Logistics System (ILS). This tool has the sophistication of the most advanced ILS systems around, and uses DA Defence's own maintenance statistics to produce forecast of parts required to support sustained operations. This tool is a significant contributor to the performance in providing serviceable aircraft on a constant basis.

The success is also based on pro-active and dedicated suppliers from around the world. Should your firm be interested in qualifying as a DA Defence's supplier, please contact


DA Defence has a proven track record in the design, certification and incorporation of aircraft modifications. It has developed and incorporated over 25 aircraft modifications in the last 2 years. Its expertise covers program management, and the specialties of structure, military and civil avionics, mission systems, ejection systems and many others. DA Defence collaborates with a large network of highly specialized subject matter experts and various original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to find Engineering and Maintenance solutions. They have provided consulting to military and civil operators from around the world on aircraft engineering issues. If you or your firm is interested in contributing to DA Defence engineering group, please don’t hesitate to contact

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    Discovery Air Defence is committed to being the premier provider of cost effective aviation solutions to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Government of Canada.

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    Discovery Air Defence is part of the Discovery Air family, which has a wealth of technical expertise in its subsidiaries, ranging from Fixed-wing to Rotary-wing for both Civil and Military products.

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    Discovery Air Defence operates a fleet of modified Alpha Jet aircraft in the airborne training services role. All Alpha Jet aircraft have been upgraded with state-of-the-art Martin Baker ejection seats and Dassault Canopy Escape systems.

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    Discovery Air Defence operates IAI Westwind 1124 aircraft, all special mission configured, to provide high-quality real-time training. The Westwinds have been modified with under-winged hard points, pylons and an internal winch to support Target Tow and Electronic Warfare missions. Top Discovery Air Defence's fleet of Westwinds stands ready to meet the demand for quality special mission combat support.


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