Discovery Air Defence is guided by high standards of ethical conduct and social responsibility. The reputation of DA Defence relies greatly upon the integrity and the sense of responsibility of its directors, contractors and employees, in whom great trust rests. In most situations, directors, contractors and employees will be guided to the right decision by their personal values, discretion and good judgment.

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As representatives of DA Defence, employees must always consider how their actions affect the integrity and credibility of the company as a whole. It is imperative that all persons representing or associated with DA Defence demonstrate a high standard of ethical, moral and legal conduct in all business practices during and outside of business hours.

Ethical Guidelines

We act with integrity always;

We strive to provide the best service available anywhere in the world. We respect our employees, clients, shareholders and suppliers;

We conduct business by following applicable laws and regulations;

We provide a safe and healthy work environment;

We report accurately and timely;

We protect proprietary information;

We follow the DND guidelines, on “An Ethical Relationship.”


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